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Last Updated at 12/14/2012

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Blindwrite software can copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray ( perfect copies but requires AnyDVD ). BlindWrite version resolved the problem which access violation before start burning (cedric)  . Blindwrite, your ultimate back up tool! BlindWrite extracts all the characteristics of your media to your harddrive to reproduce a working copy of your media. It allows you to protect your investments against damage caused by children, scratches or by frequent use.

Standout Features

  • Brand new easy to use interface featuring one-click style
  • Supports graphic themes allowing you to customize the look and feel
  • New reading and writing engine supporting CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc
  • Works with most hardware, optimized for high quality CD,DVD, Blu-ray writers
  • Supports a large number of formats: BlindWrite 4.x (.BWT), CloneCD (.CCD), Iso images (.ISO), Cuesheet/Binary (.CUE/.BIN), Alcohol (.MDS)
  • Voice notifications for program events
  • Extended log information for easy technical support
  • Multilingual support
  • Works with 32 and 64bits edition of Windows XP, Vista, 7


BlindWrite 6 History

RegNow certified

- 0003058: [Crash] access violation before start burning (cedric) - resolved. 

- 0003058: [Crash] I get access violation when I try to open some old Blindwrite images (cedric) - resolved. 

- 0003034: [Crash] Double Click / Auto Column Width in the log window ends in an access violation (cedric) - resolved. 

- 0000889: [Bug] v6.0.4.36: Media is too small (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003032: [Crash] I get an access violation at Blindwrite Start (cedric) - resolved.

- Delphi 2010 compiled

- Bug fixes with registration reminder
- Bug fixes with Audio cd mode (when Blindwrite launched by shell integration)

- Bug fixes in Blindwrite image import
- updates license internal list

Blindwrite - Released 20th of April 2009
- 0002651: [Bug] Titlename of some bluray are not recognized in Blindwrite (cedric) - resolved.

Blindwrite - Released 24 March 2009
- 0002654: [Crash] Access violation when sounds events are trying to play (cedric) - resolved.

- 0002650: [Bug] Sounds events play over an other (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002651: [Bug] Titlename of some bluray are not recognized in Blindwrite (cedric) - resolved.

Blindwrite - Released 10 of January 2009
- 0002395: [Information] 'whatsnew.txt' file not updated with the latest changelog (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002275: [Bug] Progress bar and status not reset until new "read" action is requested (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002464: [Feature Request] Check new version from help menu (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002512: [Crash] Always get "Extraction failed" message (cedric) - resolved.
- Some translations updated
- thank you page and minor change in the installation script

- "Blindwrite 6.1 projects unreadable with Blindwrite 6.2" bug fixed

Blindwrite - Released 3rd of Dec 2009
- version compiled with Delphi 2009, ( a lot of change for unicode support within the application )
- updated translation
- new burning engine
- validated for Blu-ray double layer disc ( 50 Gb ) checked with AnyDVD

- 0002273: [Bug] Error logo for normal message (cedric)
- 0002077: [Bug] with burner tsst corp cd/dvdw TS- H552U - US06 cannot set burn speed to 16x (cedric)
- 0002078: [Feature Request] when operation completed and successful, blindwrite should say so in a pop up window (cedric)

Blindwrite - 1st of May 2008
- 0001766: [Bug] 'Writing speed for CD / DVD' setting bug

Fix a copy issue when making a second copy
- 0001735: [Feature Request] Caption, hint and menu items are not displayed correctly when language selected in application it's not the same of OS language. (cedric)
- 0001744: [Bug] WebUpdate DialogBoxes strings not updated after language switch (cedric)
- 0001751: [Bug] When swiching to 'Read' tab with a user whose name uses double-byte characters, the output path displays 'Documents' only. (cedric)
- 0001754: [Bug] v6.0.7.86 ßeta: New interface has blank/black square (cedric)
- 0001249: [Suggestion] Image Option (cedric)
- 0000858: [Bug] v6.0.4.36: Extraction Failed when using COPY option (wesson)

- 0001745: [Bug] Media Statistics memo have has unwanted English strings after language switch (cedric)

- 0001741: [Bug] Some word are not included in the translation procedure (cedric)
- 0001742: [Bug] The WebUpdate part is not translated (cedric)

- 0000242: [Suggestion] Blindwrite v6.0.0.16: Process Bar Location
- 0001724: [Bug] can't extract the image of a BluRay movie (wesson)

Blindwrite 6.0.6 - 28th of March 2008
- fix an exception "système singulier"

Blindwrite 6.0.5
- introduce a new reading method ( new profil : nibbles ) this method is for damaged disc with a lot of bad sectors, or protection using large number of bad sectors.
- updated with latest burning part
- updated translations.

Blindwrite - 11 May 2007
Solves issues with rewritable media, improves detection of free space of the media to write
- 0000856: [Bug] insert a media problem in copy mode (wesson)
- 0000859: [Bug] v6.0.4.34: Drive is busy (wesson)
- 0000850: [Bug] Topology cannot be extracted (wesson)
- 0000852: [Bug] v6.0.4.31: Several Issues with this version (wesson)
- 0000815: [Bug] v6.0.3.21 and now v6.0.4.29: Cannot use the COPY option with DVD Media (wesson)
- 0000467: [Bug] impossible to burn with verbatim, memorex, and intenso dvd+rws Code 00 00 00 (wesson)
- 0000531: [Bug] v6.0.1 plextor cannot correctly determine size of media . . . . ? (wesson)
- 0000600: [Bug] v6.0.2 write onto a RW no warning on erasing media (wesson)
- 0000601: [Bug] error occrus when erasing RW media (wesson)
- 0000816: [Bug] incorrect bin/cue not detected (wesson)

Blindwrite 6.0.3 ( released with CopyToDVD package )
- include new audio library
Patin-Couffin Driver - 37B
Better VISTA installation and DMA reset support
- 0000669: [Bug] VISTA installation: The progress bar overlap the confirmation dialog
- 0000670: [Feature Request] Reset DMA speed to max. speed

Blindwrite 6.0.1 ( 14 dec 2006 )
- Bundled with latest burning SDK ( Patin Couffin 37 )
- Certified for regnow paiment platform
- Binaries signed for Vista

- fix a bug when forcing a burning speed
- update translations

- 0000244: [bug] improved support of plextor premium
- 0000246: [Bug] Media not closed after burning
- 0000243: [Suggestion] Blindwrite v6.0.0.16: Save window position and log window location on close.
- 0000242: [Suggestion] Blindwrite v6.0.0.16: Process Bar Location
- new translations
- new EZPlay
- install new BWA Builder

- fix a potential issue with some cue/bin archives
- log is docked by default now
- update an application graphic
- update installation script
- include a gateway for DVD movie application

- update some translation
- update version checking information

- new ez-play with better support for vista 64bits
- new patin couffin 36 with driver signed
- fix a link to the update files
- update some translations
- new writing strategy for CDR

- compatible with anydvd active.

- new ez-play fixes incompatibilities with third party program ( Nero 7 , AnyDVD , etc... )
- new ez-play fixes uninstallation issues.

- update some translation
- fix incorrect installation of EZ-Play
- fix some registry key location

- graphics update
- fixed blu ray command
- various minor fixes

- new unlock text format
- support blu-ray ( thanks to pioneer and tdk help )
- Update playability for recent games backup
- automatic media detection
- select burn speed
- eject bug fixed
- new graphic
- introduce ez-play


BlindWrite 6 GUI

BlindWrite 6
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