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Entire disc copy mode, true 1:1 bluray disc copying without losing any quality.

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Ideal Blu-ray Copy Free download and upgrade Filesize:7.32M The latest version:1.0.2 Last Updated at 08/13/2011

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Ideal Blu-ray Copy Overview

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Why choose Ideal Blu-ray Copy?

  • Remove Both AACS and BD+ copy protection
  • Entire disc copy mode, true 1:1 bluray disc copying without losing any quality
  • Burn blu ray disc to blank bluray disc
  • Burn blu ray iso file from hard disk to blank bluray disc
  • Copy blu ray dvd to ISO file
  • Copy blu-ray dvd to hard disk as BDMV folder
  • Copy blu-ray dvd to network drive
  • Fast copying speed
  • Very easy to use

Ideal Blu-ray Copy is a simple and ideal blu ray copy software for blu ray HD video fans to copy your blu ray disc to computer or blank blu ray disc. It can rip any copy protected blu ray disc to computer hard drive as BDMV folder or ISO file, it also can burn blu ray movie to blank blu ray disc directly with the original quality. The copying speed is very fast, can finish copying a 2-hour movie within 50 minutes depends on your computer performance.

Ideal Blu-ray Copy always keeps up with the new blu-ray copy protection. So it is powerful enough to remove both AACS and BD+ protection and can decrypt the latest hot commercial blu-ray discs with the new generation BD+ protection.

Ideal Blu-ray Copy bluray copy software is very easy to use, since the current version only supports backup the entire bluray disc,  so you can finish the backup or burning bluray disc just by one click.

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Ideal Blu-ray Copy Features

Key Features

  • Automatically make region free, remove all bluray DVD copy protections. Now can break BD+ MKBv24.
  • Copy entire blu ray disc to your computer hard drive or blank blu-ray disc with the original quality and same size. You won't lose anything.
  • support burning from blu-ray drive to blank blu-ray disc directly.
  • with virtual drive, you can burn an iso file of a blu-ray movie to blank blu-ray disc.
  • copying the whole blu ray disc to computer hard drive as ISO file, so that you can affpreciate the entire bluray movie on your computer by bluray player software like powerdvd, save money on blank bluray disc.
  • if you only want to stream the m2ts file to some player, this function is quite suit for you.
  • You can map a network drive to local machine, then rip your bluray movies to other hard drive in the network.
  • Finish copying a bluray DVD within 20-50 minutes, depending on your system performance.
  • Simple user interface, backup your bluray movies just by one click.

Update News:

  • Solved the playback issue in "Avatar (two-disc-set)", "Avatar Extended Version (three-disc-set)" etc.
  • Solved protection in latest blu ray discs. Such as "Tron:Legacy" etc.
  • Some minor fixes and improvements.
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Ideal Blu-ray Copy System Requirements

System Requirement:

  • Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/windows 7
  • 50 GB of Free Hard Disk Space
  • A bluray DVD drive
  • Connect to internet (for removing BD+ protection)
Download Add To Cart 100% satisfaction guarantee: 30 days money back

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